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Holly's Money Talks Change Lives

Alex Gioeni


You are literally changing lives. You are so real and authentic. Thank you so much for coming in and speaking to our employees.

Travis H.

Holly's speech was very informative and enjoyable. It reinforced that my current plan to get out of debt is logical and will work with discipline and consistency.


Wellness Coach

Thank you for speaking on the Road to Retirement and Financial Freedom today. Wow! I am amazed at all of your knowledge and everything you shared in this session. Not only was your delivery amazing but it was evident how confident and comfortable you are speaking about this. The balance between your personal experiences and actual numerical facts made the session very enjoyable. I will be taking so many of the tips to apply for myself.

Narie N.

Holly, you were the guest speaker at my Advocacy Session #12 Financial Fundamentals tonight. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. I definitely will be using the four pillars to help me with my personal finances!

Wylly S.

Denver School for Science and Technology

Holly was super professional, confident, and able to engage our 9th grade class because what she was saying 'really caught their attention' and was age appropriate. I believe these kids are one step ahead on financial success and I think her suggestions will benefit them for life.

Oliver Sandham

Wellness Coach

Amazing session Holly! You always have such incredible energy and wonderful tips + stories to help us with our finances! It's a real joy to hear from you


Wellness Coach

Thank you for leading today at Zapier (name of company): The Road to Retirement. Your talk was inspiring, empowering, and clear. I especially liked the tone of your voice that was energetic enough to follow all the topics and the several examples you mentioned on the reasons to invest

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