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Financial independence is all about having a system and building the pillars of wealth one at a time, at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Financial Coaching
Our programs are designed to provide you with a new set of tools to create a more dynamic and fulfilling future for you, your relationships, your career, and various other domains of your personal and professional life where your finances play a role.

By creating good money habits and integrating practices to stay on track, you will one day wake up debt-free with money in the bank, and on the path to financial independence. Add more income and/or time freedom to that equation and you are living in abundance. This was my experience and I am here to be your guide to make it yours too.

Personal finance is about more than numbers on a spreadsheet and Holly pushed me to think beyond that.

What was it like working with Holly?

It was a warm, welcoming, and non-judgmental experience. To get the most out of it, you have to be honest with yourself and with Holly and she makes that very easy to do.

What results did you get from your program?

My mindset around money changed completely. I hadn't realized how many different ways people think about and use their money and it was so helpful to hear from someone with such a different background and experience than me.

What were the most memorable lessons for you, from your program?

Thinking about money as more than just something to be gained and lost; rather considering money is something that can work for me. And understanding implications from a variety of financial decisions.

Why did you choose to work with Holly?

I wanted a one-on-one coaching program where someone could look at my exact situation and give me thoughts, advice, considerations. You can't get that from reading a blog or even setting up your own budget through an app.

How has your life changed since working with Holly?

Feeling empowered around my money. It was always something that I didn't think about until I had to. Now I think about it all the time (not quite every day, YET) but enough that I'm making more intentional decisions about how and when to spend money.

Did you have any aha or breakthrough moments?

I think every session resulted in an aha moment. Mostly due to the way I was thinking about money and how those thoughts were impacting my decisions.

Would you recommend working with Holly? If so, why?

Absolutely. I think she could look at any financial situation and not only understand the math and nuts and bolts of it all, but also understand the emotion and mental aspect of her clients. For me, that was key.

Who should work with Holly?

Everyone. Quite literally everyone. I think it would be a good for anyone to have someone like Holly not only reviewing financial choices you are making, but also to be able to talk about your personal thought process behind it.

Coaching Programs

Our programs are designed to get you to Financial Independence as fast as you want to go, based on where you are right now, while creating wealth and good money habits along the way. Together, we will address your most important and foundational financial pillars first.


4 Month 1:1 Program

Build your pillars of wealth including debt elimination, strategic saving, budgeting, smart spending, understanding and optimizing your relationship with money, improving your credit, financial organization, cash flow, banking, rent v buy, maximizing retirement accounts, and investing. Get a simple system to take the guesswork out of managing spending, automate your personal finances, and build wealth with ease. Includes a custom wealth strategy, program guidebook, and four months of one-on-one coaching to improve your money mindset and implement your strategy. The result of this program is debt-freedom, money in the bank, confidence and power when it comes to money, and a clear path to financial independence.


3 Hour 1:1 Intensive Program

Impact is an intensive planning session that includes a custom wealth strategy, debt-elimination, savings, and investing plan, with a follow up session two weeks later. Get the strategy for building wealth and the system for managing your personal finances. The result of this program is a roadmap to financial independence, based on where you are today.


3 Month 1:1 Program

Increase your income by creating a new income stream, starting a business, or scaling a business in a way that is sustainable, profitable, and makes a positive impact. Together, we will dive deep into your unique skills, current resources, and personal interests to create income that is aligned with your core values, lifestyle, and goals. Includes systems, legal and financial set up, operations, planning, launching, and strategy.


2 Month 1:1 Program

Learn how to get started investing. Choose from real estate, stocks, bonds, index funds, gold/silver, financial products, cryptocurrency, evaluating a business to buy, or a mix. Together, we'll decide which path is right for you, create a framework for balancing risk and reward, and put the right financial team in place to implement your investment strategy.

Which program is right for you?

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Strategy Session

90 minute strategy and planning session.

Personal finances are always changing because life is always changing. Get just in time financial planning and never miss out on making the right financial decisions.

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