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The Wealth Lab Curriculum

Dive into the modules of the Wealth Lab.

The Wealth Lab Icon - Strategy

Wealth Strategy

Module 1

We will create yours together.

The Wealth Lab Icon - Debt Crush

Debt Crush

Module 2

Eliminate your debt as fast as possible and pay the least amount of interest.

The Wealth Lab Icon - Savings

Saving Strategy

Module 3

Set up your mini, lighthouse fund, and goal-getter accounts.

The Wealth Lab Icon - Credit Optimization

Credit Optimization

Module 4

Increase your credit score.

The Wealth Lab Icon - Organization

Organization & Automation

Module 5

Get organized and learn how to automate everything.

The Wealth Lab Icon - Set Up Assets

Set Up Assets

Module 6

Set up savings accounts, retirement accounts, investment accounts.

The Wealth Lab Icon - Residual Income

Create Residual Income

Module 7

Retirement, investing, new streams of income.

The Wealth Lab Icon - Maximize Cashflow

Maximize Cash Flow

Module 8

Even more tools & tips.

The Wealth Lab Icon - Financial Benchmarks

Financial Benchmarks

Module 9

Measure financial wellbeing.

The Wealth Lab Icon - Routines & Habits

Habits That Build Wealth

Module 10

Get into the habit of thinking like a wealthy person.

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