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Cultivate an Abundant Money Mindset

How To Cultivate An Abundance Money Mindset

Sometimes, building wealth has more to do with mindset than it does strategy.

Building wealth is less about the strategy and more about action. Here are three steps you can start to work on now:

  1. Have you identified your Impact Factor? Your Impact Factor is the money you have left over after you pay your bills to put to its highest and best use. It is what will eliminate your debt, build savings, and create wealth. Discover yours in my free mini-course, Five Days to Financial Independence.
  2. Are you putting your money to its highest and best use? What is your Impact Factor's highest and best use?
  3. And finally, cultivate an abundant money mindset. Are you coming from a place of lack or scarcity? Or are you making room in your mind to call in greater wealth?

Your money mindset is more-than-likely locked away deep inside your subconscious mind. It’s a secret, and sometimes not even something you are aware of. It was given to you when you were young.

You probably didn’t ask for it.

But you can create a new money-mindset. One that leads to abundance and wealth.

You are where you are in life because of one thing: your thoughts.

Your relationships, living situation, career, earnings, debt, and lifestyle are all the result of your thoughts. As I have become more committed to self-awareness, I have begun to notice the thoughts that limit me. They are small and faint, and sometimes difficult to identify. They float past deep in my mind, in the background, under the surface, causing me to make decisions based on false information.

“Oh, you can’t have that.”

Or, “That life isn’t for you.”

“You’ll never be at that level.”

Not true!

Can you relate?

Take notice of the stories you are telling yourself about what you can and can't have, or about what you can and can't do.

When you notice a negative or limiting thought, say, “Cancel!” Then, envision what you want to create for yourself. The more you practice this, the more “sticky” your new positive, creative thoughts will become and over time, you'll become hardwired for an abundant money mindset.

“Every thought you have takes up a piece of real estate in your brain. Wishing for an outcome without taking action is a waste of prime real estate. Envisioning your highest self and your most abundant future is a way to put that real estate to its best use.”

-Holly Morphew

It’s not up to you to know HOW to achieve your dreams. It’s only up to you to dream them.

You are worthy of all the abundance and gifts this life has to offer because you were born. You were meant to be here and to discover your fullest potential. It's waiting for you. Your job is to remove the blocks and limitations the world has thrown at you.

You can remove them by practicing awareness of your thoughts, and replacing limiting beliefs with creative visions of your desired future.

Cultivating an abundant money mindset happens over time as you become more self aware and learn to get into the vibration that your new, creative, positive thoughts about your future bring.

Let me know how it's going! Join my Facebook group where we support each other in building the pillars of financial independence, entrepreneurship, mindfulness, and lifestyle design.

“Recognizing that all I see reflects what I think I am, I recognize that Vision is my greatest need.”

– A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Lesson 56

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Holly Morphew AFC®, Award–winning financial coach, author, global speaker, and multi-generational entrepreneur
Holly’s own journey to eliminating $67k in debt in her twenties, reaching financial independence in her thirties, and creating 11 streams of income are what inspire her to help others live their wealthy life.
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