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Sixteen Reasons to Hire a Financial Coach

Sixteen Reasons to Hire a Financial Coach

If you're wondering if you should hire a financial coach, here are sixteen ways a financial coach can help:

Here are sixteen reasons to hire a financial coach.

  • You’re earning money but you don’t know what to do with it
  • You need someone to help you uncover limiting beliefs around money
  • You need a personalized plan based on your situation, not a cookie-cutter solution
  • You feel overwhelmed by money
  • You don’t have someone to talk to about money
  • You are afraid of money
  • You want to buy a house
  • You want to work with someone who has created wealth themselves
  • You want to stop worrying about your future
  • You want to be prepared for taxes
  • You want to create another income stream
  • You want to communicate better with your partner about money
  • You need a spending plan you can stick to
  • You want to invest but don’t know where to start
  • You need accountability
  • You want to stop working one day and still have money coming in

There are many paths to wealth, and three reasons people fail when it comes to their personal finances.

3 Reasons People Fail When it Comes to Money

They don’t have a plan, strategy, or coach.

A coach is someone who will help you execute a wealth strategy based on your personal financial situation right now. Do you want to eliminate debt? Build savings? Grow your money? Get on the same page with your partner financially?

Is it hard to talk about money?

If you aren’t where you want to be financially, you’re not alone. We don't do a great job teaching personal finance in school, and talking about money is for some reason a taboo topic in American culture. Working with a coach who will take the time to understand your dreams, goals, and where you are on your path to wealth and meet you there, can be life-changing.

Personal Finance Has Many Components

Personal finance has many components including: marriage, taxes, business finances, savings, managing debt, real estate, getting loans, college planning, health insurance, investing, children, employee benefits, privacy, attorneys, consumer protection, divorce, insurance, retirement, and banking. Each contributes to your personal wealth plan.

What Questions Do You Have about Money?

Many questions can arise when it comes to money. What are people actually earning who do my job? Is my spending in line with the cost of living in my area? Do I need different insurance? Should I buy a house? Should I pay down my mortgage or contribute to my retirement account? Am I saving enough? Should I get more education?

Financial questions are endless and that’s why an experienced coach who can provide a safe, open, and non-judgmental space to talk about money can help you break through barriers that may be holding you back financially.

A Good Financial Coach Will Meet You Where You Are Financially

The most significant thing a financial coach does, and perhaps the greatest value they offer, is to analyze each of these components for you, and see them as a whole, then create a strategy that works for you based on where you are today.

Wealth is for everyone, including you. No matter where you are on your journey to wealth, know that you can be debt free and have money in the bank.

When I started out I had massive credit card debt. Today I am financially free. You can be too. Here are two ways to get started:

Get my online course Simple Wealth Online. It contains everything you need to increase cash flow, eliminate debt, save more money, and create residual income. Get it here!

If you are ready to take your finances to the next level and want to work with a coach who will meet you where you are financially right now, schedule a coaching consultation today!

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Holly Morphew AFC®, Award–winning financial coach, author, global speaker, and multi-generational entrepreneur
Holly’s own journey to eliminating $67k in debt in her twenties, reaching financial independence in her thirties, and creating 11 streams of income are what inspire her to help others live their wealthy life.
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